Terms and Conditions of Use

This terms (the "Terms and Conditions") establishes the condition of use of the services (excluding love counseling service) regarding "EveEve" (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by Market Drive Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") between our customers who use the Service (hereinafter referred to as "User" or “Users”) and the Company.

Article 1 (Agreement with the Terms of Conditions)

1. Please read this Agreement carefully before using the Service.
2. Users must use the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
3. Users cannot use the Service unless they register as a member.
4. Users are required to agree with this Agreement in order to register for membership and upon completion of membership registration, the Agreement of Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to, as "the Agreement") will be concluded with the Company.

Article 2 (Application of the Terms of Conditions)

In case that the provisions of the Terms of Conditions are contrary to the relevant laws and regulations applicable to the contract based on this Agreement with Users, the provision shall not apply to the contract with Users. However, even in this case, the effect of other provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected.

Article 3 (Contents of the Service)

1. The Service is a service that supports men and women looking for partners over the age of 18 (excluding high school students). Some services and functions of the Service can be used free of charge. The company recommends that you use paid functions in order to communicate fully with other members to find partners. Please note that does not guarantee to find marriage partners.

2. With the Service, you can use "Petit Love" function which enables you to communicate between 21:00 and 24:00 every Friday. You can deepen contact and find partner in in-app chat with "Petit Love" function.

3. With the Service, you can use a supporter function that can receive advice such as how to use the Service and how to successfully match, so that partner search can be proceeded smoothly in the application.
However, this supporter function does not guarantee that partner search will surely succeed.

Article 4 (Definitions)

In the Terms of Use of the Service, the following terms are defined as the following.

1. 「Content」Any information such as a profile or a message entered by Users through the Service.

2.「Users」Individuals who are eligible to use the Service after completing the member registration of the Service in accordance with the registration procedure of the service determined by the Company with Agreement to this Terms of Conditions.

Article 5 (provision of the Service, no guarantee, change and suspension)

1. With Terms and Conditions, the Company shall be able to limit Users who can receive the Service to customers who fulfill the condition of membership registration, age, other conditions that the Company deems necessary.

2. The Company shall be able to change the contents of the whole or a part of the Service at any time and cancel the offer at any time without notifying Users in advance if the Company deems necessary. The Company shall not be responsible for damage caused to Users based on measures taken by the Company under this provision.

3. The Company shall not guarantee that the Company has no any legal defects (including, but not limited to safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, compatibility with a specific purpose, errors regarding security, bugs, infringement of the rights, etc.) 

4. The Company does not guarantee that the Service will correspond to all personal computers, smartphones, tablet terminals, etc. and OS. The Company is also not responsible for any damage caused to Users because Users could not use the Service depending on Users’ environment.

Article 6 (Qualification of use and membership registration)

1. Only over 18 years old (excluding high school students), only those who are single (including those who are divorced) are available services. The judgment of age and singles shall be made in a reason based on birth date registered in Facebook at the time of member registration, relationship status, personal self-report, etc. The Company does not guarantee that all members are 18 years old and over and single at all times. If a violation is found after registration, the Company will disable membership registration by the judgment of the Company. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages caused to Users by invalidation measures.

2. Application for member registration can be made by Facebook account, Twitter account and e-mail address.

3. When applying for membership registration, the person installing and using this application himself / herself must do it and the applicants must provide the Company with the truth, accurate and up-to-date information for registration.

4. For membership registration, the Company has adopted a complete examination system. The examination is conducted by the Company and existing Users, aggregating the number of approval and the number of disapproval, and if the number of approval exceeds 50%, membership registration is approved. However, even if the number of approval exceeds 50%, if the Company decides that it is not appropriate to accept membership registration under the provisions of paragraph 10 of this Article, the Company will not accept membership registration. Registration will be considered as completion when notifying the applicant that registration is approved.

5. When the registration is completed in accordance to the preceding paragraph, the use contract of the service (hereinafter referred to as "use contract") will be established between registered Users and the Company and Users will be able to use the service.

6. By using the Service, you are considered to declare and warrant that you have the right, authority, obligation and ability to join this Agreement and comply with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

7. The Service does not investigate the member's criminal records at this time and not inquire about the members 'career and not confirm the members' declaration so please note that the Company does not guarantee this point for other Users.

8. Even though the Company may conduct any criminal record investigation or other review (example: sex criminals registration search) on Users at any time by using available public record, the Company is not obliged to do this.

9. The Service does not guarantee current or future members' actions and consistency.

10. The Company shall be able to refuse membership registration if Users correspond to the following reasons.

(1) When the Company determines that there is a danger of violating the Terms of Conditions.
(2) When there is false, error in writing and omission for whole or part of the registration information provided to the Company.
(3) When Users are persons who have been canceled the registration for using the Service in the past.
(4) When Users are an adult ward, a person under curatorship, or a person under assistance and has not obtained consent of a legal representative, guardian, curator or assistant.
(5) Maintain anti-social forces, etc. through anti-social forces etc. (including organized groups of gangsters, organized crime groups, right-wing groups, anti-social forces, and others equivalent to these groups). When the Company decides that Users are engaged in funding, maintaining anti-social forces, operation, management, some relationship with anti-social forces, etc.
(6) In addition, when the Company decides that registration is not appropriate.

Article 7 (User's responsibility and duty of care)

1. Users shall use the Service at their own responsibility and shall be responsible for all of the contents that Users disclose.

2. Usershall exempt the Company from responsibility for any damage, dispute, damage claim due to the use of others' work, etc. and Users deal with the dispute at their own responsibility 

3. Users shall manage and store the EveEve account at their own responsibility and shall not use the loan, transfer, change name, trading, etc. to a third party. Users shall use the Service at their own responsibility for any damage, dispute, damage claim arising from alteration or tampering of the contents of Users, unauthorized viewing of personal information etc. due to being stolen by the third party by the third party.

4. When user damages the Company by the activities specified in this section, the Company acknowledge that the Company has the right to claim damages against.

5. The Company shall be able to stop or suspend the use of the Service in whole or in part without notifying Users in advance if it falls under any of the followings.

(1) When conducting inspection or maintenance of the computer / system related to the Service periodically or urgently
(2) When computer, communication line, etc. cease due to accident
(3) When the service cannot be operated due to irresistible forces such as fire, power failure, natural disasters, etc.
(4) When trouble, interruption or suspension of offering service, change in specification etc. occur on Facebook or Twitter login service.
(5) In addition, when the Company decides that suspension or interruption is necessary
(6) The Company shall not be responsible for any damages caused to Users due to measures taken by the Company under this section.

Article 8 (Prohibited matter)

Users shall not perform the following activities in using the Service. If the Company determines that Users have performed these prohibited activities or that they are likely to do so, the Company deletes the data of the relevant contents and displays warning signs to Users without notifying Users, or the Company can restrict usage or force withdraw. However, the Company is not obliged to suspend or delete the data etc., and not be obliged to explain about deletion of data and punishment such as restriction on use etc. In addition, the Company shall not be responsible for any damages caused to Users based on measures taken by us under this section.

1. Activities of copying, using or disclosing images on the Service including members' icon images and sub-photos by capture or other methods without our consent
2. Activities against the Terms of Conditions,
3. Activities against the laws and regulations of Japan and the country or region where Users use.
4. Activities of posting, publication, disclosure, provision or transmission (hereinafter collectively referred to as "posting etc.") that is against social norm, public order and morality infringement and inconvenience to others.
5. Activities of transferring EveEve account to a third party (hereinafter referred to as "third party") excepting Users, such as natural persons, corporations, organizations, etc., to use the Service.
6. Activities of allowing third party to browse the Users’ ID and password of own EveEve account.
7. Activities of providing profit directly or indirectly to antisocial forces with the Service.
8. Activities of using the Service for purposes different from the original purpose compered with the purpose of offering.
9. Activities of disclosing personal information of a third party.
10. Member registration for married people and use of the Service
11. Member registration under the age of 18 (including high school students) and use of the Service
12. Deceptive activities of cheating children
13. Activities against public order and morality and viewing contents such as sexual description, violate expression, expression inducing crime, discrimination expression, etc.
14. Activities of impersonating as a third party.
15. Activities of deceiving fraudulent information on content and deceive content viewers.
16. Activities of inuring reputation or social credibility of a third party, which causes discomfort or mental damage.
17. Election campaign, activities similar to this or activities that violate Public Offices Election Act.
18. Activities of collecting personal information of third parties, including natural persons, corporations, organizations excepting Users including content viewers.
19. Activities of infringement of intellectual property rights owned by third parties, and activities of inducing infringement of copyright and portrait rights
20. Unauthorized use of characters, images, members 'nicknames, icon images, sub-photos, profile information, self-introduction sentences and other members' information without permission (the Company regards mosaic processing even if the Company does not have permission as unauthorized use.)
21. Activities of obstructing the operation of the Service.
22. Activities of transferring data in an amount and activities of burdening the server (illegal continuous access, etc.), those interfere with the operation of the Service,
23. Commercial purpose of advertisement and advertisement action (e.g. activities of sending to unspecified Users by a message function etc. for the purpose of guiding to adult related services.)
24. Activities of disclosing harmful computer viruses, codes, files, programs, etc. or suggestion to its location.
25. Activities of posting content of infinite chain lecture and multilevel marketing, or similar things that are likely to do so, or content that the Company decides to be relevant to infinite chain lecture, multilevel marketing or similar things that are likely to do so.
26. Activities of posting child pornography, or similar content that the Company decides to be similar to child pornography.
27. Activities of posting a link to a site of content that the Company decides as content depicting sex organs, such as sex organ exposure image, animation or data depicting sex organ.
28. Activities of posting contents such as the following.

(1) Contents using third party's profile or photo without obtaining permission.
(2) Contents that seem obviously unpleasant to the online community such as content promoting all kinds of racial discrimination, prejudice, hatred, physical harm, to group and individual.
(3) Contents that are harassed to others or supports harassment.
(4) Contents that promote actions that disseminate information Users know that it is a lie or misunderstanding, and content that promotes illegal activities, or activities that abuse, threat, obscenity, defamation, defamation by writing Content.
(5) Contents related to transmission such as "junk mail", "chain mail", spam mail “spam”.
(6) Contents that promote illegal copying of works protected by the copyright of others providing pirated computer programs, linking to it, providing information to avoid copying prevention functions in the product, providing pirated music, linking to pirated music files, etc. 
(7) Contents that unfairly use people under the age of 18 by sexual or violent means. In addition, content providing components for requiring personal information from persons under the age of 18.
(8) Contents that ask for passwords or personal information from other Users for commercial or illegal purposes.
(9) Contents that provide explanations of illegal activities such as manufacture, purchase of illegal weapons, invasion of privacy of others, manufacture of computer viruses.
(10) Contents including pages that are not published or pages that cannot be accessed without a password.
(11) Contents that conduct commercial activities or sale without obtaining prior written permission from us such as contests, lottery, bartering, advertisement, pyramid scheme.

29. Activities against to Facebook or Twitter's terms of service.
30. Other activities that the Company decides to be inappropriate.

Article 9 (Notice When Using Message Function)

1. In case of posting images of themselves or Users in the Service, or sending a message, etc. to the other Users by using the message function, Users should agree in advance about the following conditions.

(1) Users must be responsible for all information such as sentences, images, data etc. posted by himself / herself.
(2) When Users receive complain or infringement, etc. from third part concerning sentences, images, data, etc. posted by themselves, Users must solve them at their own responsibility and cost.
(3) Users should not use and disclose messages, images, etc. posted by themselves or other Users other than services.
(4) There is a possibility that the Company may disclose Users’ personal information, etc. to the third party in order to respond to complaints, etc. from the third party in the previous issue.

2. When posting images of themselves and participants in the Service, Users must use their own images and the participants themselves. In addition, in this case, Users should not make a false declaration about the sex, the number of people, the age, etc. of themselves and participants.

3. When Users receive complaints from third parties regarding images or message, etc. posted by themselves, all of Users must respond to the complaint etc. at their own responsibility and cost.

4. In uploading sentences, images, data, etc. on the bulletin board in the Service, Users should not post sentences that may fall under the following.

(1) Those infringing third party's right of portrait, intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark right, privacy right etc.
(2) Those aiming at harassing others.
(3) Those including words that evoke prostitution, dating assistance etc.
(4) Those defaming or disparaging third parties.
(5) Those including discriminatory expression.
(6) Those including promotions , suggestions, or aids of crime, suicide, etc.
(7) Those including sexual depictions and violent expression.
(8) Those including a link to the website of contents that the Company decides that it depicted sex organs, such as sex organ exposure image, animation or data depicting sex organs.
(9) Those including child pornography or similar content or things that the Company decides to be similar to child pornography.
(10) Those violating rules, guidelines, etc. of quotation etc. in case of quoting articles from third parties.
(11) Those including images such as dead bodies, bloodsheds, dirty things, things that the public may feel uncomfortable.
(12) Those including computer viruses etc.
(13) Those including falsehoods, hoaxes etc.
(14) Those making others feel uncomfortable.
(15) Those different from the purpose of the Service.

5. The Company shall be able to restrict and delete such posts without notifying Users who posted information that falls under the preceding paragraph. In addition, the Company will be able to impose the punishment etc. of Article 12 to Users who repeat postings etc. against the preceding paragraph.

6. The Company shall be able to provide Users' submissions etc. to other sites or magazine companies, etc. for the purpose of promoting the Service or assisting the Company's sales etc.

7. When Users conduct secondary uses of own posts in preceding paragraph, Users shall permit the use of the posts etc. without charge and indefinitely to the Company, and Users shall not exert the author's moral rights to the Company. In the event of secondary use of Users’ posts etc., the Company will be able to correct or revise posts etc. in our decision and Users shall agree in advance with revision, etc.

8. Contents of post can be viewed and monitored by the Company. Users agree to view and delete the contents of the posts for the purpose of preventing accidents and operating healthy services. However, the Company is not obligated to patrol and monitor as the Company.

Article 10 (Contact period and termination of contract)

1. This contract is valid as long as one user is a member of the Service. If user is elected to become a member and join the Service, user is elected to start the Service immediately. So that cooling-off is not allowed.

2. Users can cancel their membership for any reason at any time by sending us a notice of cancellation of contract from the withdrawal application form of the Service. Please contact us from the withdrawal application form. In addition, Users can cancel the membership by notifying customer support, and conducting procedures specified by the Company such as the identity confirmation procedure.  

3. If Users violate one or more provisions of this Agreement or if the Company determines that there is a danger of such violation, the Company may immediately terminate Users’ membership, delete the content to be prohibited and cancel the use of the Service. In this case, the Company will send cancellation notification to the e-mail address that you registered on Facebook or Twitter or at the e-mail address you registered for short messages and the Service registration. In addition, the Company may prohibit permanent or temporary access by Users to whole or part of the Service.

4. If the member registration is canceled, when user withdraws, if user loses his / her membership for other reasons, even if the period for the paid service has not expired, the Company cannot refund it (I also cannot refund on a daily basis). In addition, if Users purchase the point and boost issued by the Company, the point and boost will expire at the same time as the loss of membership, regardless of the expiration date.

5. If Users cancel paid service while their membership are valid, even if Users’ purchased usage period remains before cancellation, all paid services will be cancelled. I addition, the Company cannot refund including refunds on a daily basis.

6. If Users are not paid members, the Service can invalidate the account of members who did not use the Service for more than 6 months (from the date of last connection to the service).

Article 11 (Prohibition of reuse)

When Users use the services of the Company and the data composing them beyond the purpose of providing the service, the Company has the right to request to stop these activities and the profit Users obtained by these actions.

Article 12 (Paid Member Registration and Usage Fee, etc.)

1. Users wishing to pay membership registration must register for a paid member by means established by the Company. In this case, Users must provide truth, accurate and up-to-date information necessary for registration.

2. The Company may request Users to submit documents such as a consent form for parental authority, a copy of ID card, etc. for the application for paid member registration under the preceding paragraph.

3. Users will be paid members when the Company accepts payment membership registration. The notice of the consent shall be made by the means specified in Article 14. The content of the service and the usage fee of paid member registration shall be determined separately by the Company.

4. Users who have paid membership registration (hereinafter referred to as "paid members") are required to pay the fee for using the Service by means determined by the Company. If payment is not made within the period specified by the Company, paid member registration will be canceled.

5. The term of validity of paid membership shall be the period specified in the plan which paid members applied with one month as the basic unit from the date of completion of membership registration. Paid members are automatically renewed paid membership for another month unless paid members cancel by the expiration date of validity period, and the Company assume that you are obliged to continue to pay the usage fee of the Service during the term of validity. 

6. The term of validity of the Service shall not be interrupted regardless of any reason.

7. Paid members can cancel paid member registration freely even in the middle of the term of validity of the Service. However, in this case, the usage fee, etc. paid by the paid member will not be refunded regardless of any reason.

8. Even if Users terminate the use of the Service during the term of validity of the paid membership or receive the punishment of Article 12, the Company will not refund the usage fee already paid by the paid member regardless of any reason.

9. The Company shall not calculate the daily rate of usage fee regardless of any reason.

Article 13 (Billing service)

1. The Company provides services (hereinafter referred to as "billing service") that can be used by charging Users. The Company shall determine the contents of the billing service and usage fee separately.

2. Users who wish to use the billing service must apply by means determined by the Company.

3. Users can use the billing service applied when the Company accepts application for using the billing service. The period of use and number of times of use of the billing service shall be as specified by each service.

4. Users must pay the usage fee of the billing service applied themselves in accordance with the means determined by the Company.

5. Even if Users do not use the billing service that Users applied and paid the usage fee, the Company will not refund the usage fee for the service.

Article 14 (Deletion of posts, suspension of use of services, deletion of accounts)

The customer is solely responsible for the content Users posted to the service and the content that Users transferred to other members through the Service. If Users post it, Users are considered to express and warrant that the contents are accurate and do not violate this Agreement and do not harm anyone in all respects.

In order to properly operate the provided services, the Company shall delete the data or contents in advance, refuse to use whole or part of the service, refuse Users’ account or to take measures such as deletion in the following cases.

(1) When Users violate the matters specified in this Agreement or if the Company decides that there is a possibility of the violation.
(2) When payment delay occurs for the price paid to the Company.
(3) When the use of the Apple Store or Google Play designated as the means for payment service is stopped.
(4) In case where the Company decides that credit uncertainty has occurred, such as when Users receives petition for bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation, or Users makes the petition themselves.
(5) When the Company determines that the account is registered or used by antisocial forces or its constituent members and stakeholders, or if there is a possibility of such account.
(6) When Users have not used the account or specific service for a certain period of time.
(7) When the Company determines that maintaining the contractual relationship between the Company and Users are difficult, such as when the trust relationship with Users are lost.

Also, the exchange of messages between Users on the Service is provided through electronic bulletin board managed by the Company. The electronic bulletin board has a specification that allows Users and third party in the Company. Users agree to view and delete the contents of the message for the purpose of preventing accidents and operating healthy services. However, the Company is not obliged to patrol and monitor the electronic bulletin board as the Company.

Article 15 (Compensation for the Company)

Users must acknowledge and agree that if the Company suffers damage, loss or expense (including burden of attorney fee) directly or indirectly (including the case where the Company received claims from the third party for such claim by violating laws or regulations or the Service), Users must compensate and guarantee for the damages.

Article 16 (Handling of user's data and contents)

In case of the need for maintenance or improvement of our service, the Company will copy data stored in the server managed by the Company to the range necessary for maintenance or improvement of the Service etc.                                                           
For content (including location information, image data, text, including but not limited to, "posted content") that Users posted, etc., the copyright holder of the posted content belongs to Users or the author of the content. Regarding posted content, the right to free and exclusive use (including reproduction, screening, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, transfer, lease, translation, adaptation, publication) for Users without permission in Japan and abroad in Japan without specifying the deadline (including sublicense rights). However, about the content of messages between Users, the Company respects privacy and do not include in the subject of permission under this section. In addition, Users shall not exercise the moral rights of the author.
All copyright and other intellectual property rights concerning the Service and all information related to the Service excluding for copyright of posted content that Users made using the Service belongs to the Company or the owner of the right and Users shall not reproduce, transfer, lend, translate, modify, reprint, publicly transmit (including transmission enable), transmission, distribution, publication, business use etc. without permission.
The Company does not license the use of posted content to other Users or other third parties excepting for Users themselves and Users shall not act to infringe the rights of posted contents of other Users. In addition, Users shall not perform the act of automatically collecting and analyzing posted contents by crawling, etc.
The Company shall not be responsible for any damage to Users caused by using posted contents of other Users. In addition, if Users gain profits by using posted contents of other Users, the Company shall have the right to request the amount equivalent to the profit.

Article 17 (contact or notice)

1. Users shall contact the Company from the inquiry form, unless specified for special case in the Terms of Use. The Company does not accept phone calls and visits.

2. The method of notifying Users from the Company shall be conducted by posting on this application, sending e-mail from the Company, or any other method considered appropriate by the Company unless specified for special case in the Terms of Use.

3. Notifications made on this application shall be completed as soon as they are posted on this application.

4. When sending important information etc. of the Service, the Company will send e-mail or e-mail magazine etc. to all Users including Users who set to reject all notification of e-mail, etc. from the Company. The notification send by e-mail shall be completed with sending to the e-mail address that Users registered at the time of registration.

5. When a user is taking spam countermeasures on specified PCs or mobile phone terminals, etc., Users must change the incoming setting etc. of the e-mails and permit to receive e-mail from the Company.

6. If the Company notifies you by any of the above methods, the Company will consider that you agree to the contents of the notification with the notice date unless there is an act of objecting.

7. In case the notice from the Company has not been reached due to the intention or negligence of Users such as incomplete contact information, miswrite or failure to change, etc., the Company considers that Users agree the content of the notification without demur.

Article 18 (Assignment of Rights and Obligations)

You may not assign or lend to the third party whole or part of the contractual position and the rights and obligations occurred as a result of this contract.
In case that the Company transfers the business of the Service to another company, the contractual position, the rights and obligations based on this contract, the registration information of Users and other customer information are transferred to the assignee of the business transfer. And Users are considered to agree in advance in this paragraph with respect to such transfer. The business transfer specified in this section shall include not only normal business transfer, but also any case where the Company split or other business relocation.

Article 19 (Disputes with third parties)

1. In case of a dispute between a user and a third party (including other Users of the Service), it is the responsibility of Users concerned to resolve it. If the Company, other Users and third parties suffer any damages due to or in connection with such dispute, user concerned shall compensate it.

2. Users shall resolve any claims due to the content posted by user at their own responsibility and expense.

3. When user infringe the rights of a third party, in case where compensation or other expenses are occurred in the Company concerning complaints or claims from other third parties, the Company shall notify Users, (including attorneys' fees, but not limited to it), and Users agree that he / she will pay the cost.

Article 20 (Privacy)

Our privacy policy also applies to the use of personal information (including confidential personal information) that the member provided to the Company is stored on our computer. Members shall agree that the Company will use this information to create profiles about interests, preferences and patterns of viewing and to allow members to join the service.

Article 21 (Relationship with Facebook and Twitter)

1. The Company is not responsible for the inability to use the Service through Facebook and Twitter due to user's violation of Facebook and Twitter terms of service and privacy policy.

2. The Company shall not take any responsible for the inability to use the Service through any reason for disabling, blocking, closing or terminating Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3. The Service is based on the use of Facebook and Twitter, and if you leave Facebook and Twitter or if you cannot use Facebook and Twitter for other reasons, you cannot use the Service. In this case, Users shall withdraw from the service at their own responsibility according to the provisions of Article 10, paragraph 2, and the Company shall not be responsible for usage fee occurring due to not following the procedure.

Article 22 (Regulation of Activities of Attracting Children)

The Service regulates the act of attracting children by using the internet dating service.
This aim is to "protect children from child prostitution and other crimes arising from the use of Internet heterosexuality projects, thereby contributing to the healthy development of children".
In order to realize the purpose, the Company checks age by specified methods such as identity card for both males and females using the service.
In addition, in the entry column of the self-introduction sentence, the Company monitors posts of self-introduction sentences to eliminate the possibility of meeting before age is confirmed. For that reason, the member shall agree that if there are elements such as the place and time to meet in the self-introduction sentence before the age confirmation, the company will not be able to post and delete the self-introduction sentence without notice. 

Article 23 (Disclaimer)

1. If Users suffer some kind of damage related to the Service regarding to the use of the Service such as suspension, termination, unavailability or change of the provision of the Service, deletion / loss of messages and information sent / received, refusal / invalidation of member registration, deletion of member registration, malfunction of this application, defects of this application, failure of the Users’ equipment due to the use of this application, loss of data or damage, the Company is solely responsible, the company shall not be responsible. However, in case where the contract (including the Terms of Conditions) between the Company and Users who suffered damage related to the Service is a consumer contract specified in the Consumer Contract Law, the damage is caused by reasons attributable to the Company, this disclaimer does not apply.

2. Even in the case specified in the provision to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be responsible for the damage caused by the special reasons related to of the default or illegal act by reasons attributable to the Company (excluding cases where there is willful or gross negligence). Regarding the amount of compensation for damages caused by default or illegal activities due to reasons attributable to the Company (excluding willfulness or gross negligence), it shall be up to the usage fee for one month or the amount equivalent to the usage fee of the charging service in which the damage occurred.

Article 24 (Notice on using the Service)

1. The Service is services that supports searching for partners for single members of 18 years old (excluding high school students) who are seriously searching for partners, but because unspecified number of people is using it, in some cases the Service may be abused. With understanding that there is such a possibility, please use the Service while considering carefully about the method of interaction and the disclosure of personal information to other members (especially other members who exchange messages). The company basically decides whether or not the exchanged member is single within a reasonable range based on the self-declared information etc.  Therefore, the Company does not guarantee that all members are over 18 years old and single. If you provide other means of communication other than the Service and disclose important information such as personal information, please consider carefully and at your responsibility. If you find a member who is suspected of violating the rules, please report the details of violation quickly by a violation report button or inquiries.

2. In the Service, only Users who are authenticated on Facebook and Twitter can acquire Facebook and Twitter friends list by manual operation by themselves at the time of member registration or automatically, and relationship with members posted on the friend list. So the Company provides a feature that the existence of each other is not displayed in search results. Please note that friends included in the latest friends list not included in previous friends list may be displayed in the search results if the friend list obtained by the Service is not up to date. Also this feature does not provide function that will not notify each other's usage status to real friends, friends of friends on Facebook and Twitter friends, people who are not on Facebook and Twitter friends lists. 

3. Users shall set up Facebook and Twitter at their own responsibility. If Users do not follow our instructions regarding Facebook and Twitter settings, Users shall agree that there is a possibility of a disadvantages that the fact that user is using the Service is informed to Facebook and Twitter friends. The Company shall not be responsible for damages caused to Users due to Facebook and Twitter settings made by Users.

4. When Users register using other than Facebook and Twitter, Users shall agree that there is a possibility of a disadvantage that Users are using this to third parties such as real friends, acquaintances, etc. through member registration.

5. User agrees in advance that the Company is not responsible for any bugs, malfunctions, defects, etc. of Facebook and Twitter.
6. User agrees in advance that the contents and functions of the Service may be changed due to changes of specifications of the Facebook and Twitter, service contents and other matters. The Company shall not be responsible for damage caused to Users by such change.

Article 25 (About change of the Service and terms of service)

1. The Company shall be able to change this Agreement at any time at our discretion without any notice to Users in advance.

2. The changed terms and conditions shall be in effect from the time displayed on this application, unless specified for a special case by the Company.

3. Each time you use the Service, Users shall confirm the Terms of Conditions and, if Users use the Service after the change of the Terms of Conditions becomes effective, Users confirm the change of the Terms of Conditions, and it is deemed that Users confirm the change of the Terms of Condition with effective and irrevocable consent.

Article 26 (Applicable Law)

The Terms of Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

Article 27 (Court of Jurisdiction)

In case a need for lawsuit between Users and the Company, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive Agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.
Company name: Market Drive Inc.
Management representative: Person in charge of information management, Mr. Kato
Email address: support@eveeve.in
Phone number: +91-86572 15049